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Meet Rish

It’s time for change

Rish Oberoi and his family have lived in the Greater Houston Area for over 25 years. A proud Texan, he graduated from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in 2010 and continued his studies in history and politics at the University of Houston.

Rish first got involved in public service as a volunteer on Nick Lampson’s campaign in 2007. As a teenager, he was energized and inspired by what is possible through participating in our democracy. In 2016, Rish worked in understaffed schools where he saw first-hand how few resources there were for teachers and students alike in the public education system. That same year, he decided to help Mark Gibson flip the 22nd Congressional District, while working as an associate teacher for Houston schools. Rish also has teamed up with a non-profit that invests in school construction in India. 

Rish is a staunch Democrat who served as a policy aide to former Speaker Joe Straus during the 85th Legislative session. He saw firsthand how Texans need a new voice in the State Legislature. He watched as Republicans seemed more interested in personal gain, partisan bickering, and what bathrooms folks were using rather than finding solutions to the challenges we face in the 21st century. Following his time in the legislature, Rish went on to serve as Director of Operations for Mike Collier’s Lt. Governor Campaign. In 2018, he joined the fight to flip the 22nd Congressional district as Finance Director for Sri Kulkarni, Fort Bend’s first competitive race in 10 years. 

Rish is running to be a new leader for Texas that puts our families first, not political bickering or divisiveness. Join our campaign to elevate Texans of all backgrounds and create a brighter future for our great state!