Photo: Jon Shapley, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer

What was once thought of as a race to see who would be in second place behind Rick Miller to represent Sugar Land and Richmond in the Texas House of Representatives is now an election up for grabs.

The race to fill his seat in District 26 looks to be wide open after Miller, who has served in the Texas House since 2013, ended his re-election campaign after facing backlash from racially insensitive comments he made to the Houston Chronicle in early December.

Healthcare and education are also at the top of the list for Oberoi, a longtime Fort Bend resident who is running for office for the first time. However, he is no stranger to public service, having served as a policy aid for former Speaker Joe Straus and on campaign teams for Mike Collier and Sri Preston Kulkarni. Similar to Lulani, Oberoi is running a campaign centered on improving educational equality as well as flood mitigation and healthcare

“As your state representative, I will fight to expand Medicaid so more of Texas’ tax dollars stay in our state,” his campaign website reads. “… Here in the Greater Houston Area, some of the best public schools in the nation are five minutes away from the worst-performing schools. We need to do better by focusing on sustainable funding for our entire public school system. We have an opportunity to make Texas a shining example for our nation.”

Landan Kuhlmann in the Fort Bend Star

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