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A New Leader For Texas

For too long, District 26 has lacked real representation in Austin. The Legislature remains a relic of the 1800s, populated by those who serve themselves rather than facing the challenges of the future. As a former educator, legislative aide, and Democratic staffer, Rish will champion our district and bring a 21st-century vision to build a better tomorrow.

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Rish’s Plan for Healthcare

Republicans failed to pass ANY meaningful health care legislation during the most recent session. We must pass Medicaid expansion now and stop the political posturing at the cost of the health of thousands of Texans.

Rish’s Plan for Education

We need a drastic overhaul to our education system, which includes sustained funding for Teachers and staff as well as abolishing high-stakes testing. The latter half of the 21st century will fail to prosper if the next generation of Texans are ill-equipped and it’s time we invest in high-quality education for all children.

Rish’s Plan for Gun Safety

It should not be easier to buy weapons and ammo than it is to buy cold medicine. We can respect the Second Amendment while admitting that we need measurable and actionable gun safety legislation immediately to curb the egregious gun violence in our state.

Rish’s Plan for Transparency

As a former Policy Aide in the Legislature, I witnessed first-hand how our state government fails to enact meaningful reforms because of special interests and a system that has failed to evolve with the passing centuries. It’s on us to stand up and demand that our legislators represent real people rather than faceless corporations and special interests. Texas needs to enact reform on lobbying and campaign finance, promote civic participation instead of hindering it, and implement much needed “software updates” to our state government.

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December 28, 2019 12:00 am
Big Ben Tavern, 636 Hwy 6, Ste 1000 Austin, TX

Rish is running to bring a new voice to Austin. We’ve received national coverage in The New York Times and we’re picking up key momentum.